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Look at them hold the lil Anna cocoon.
Soon she will be a beautiful butterfly.

I never noticed the look the Queen is giving Elsa - look how tender it is. She may not have spoken more than a line in the movie but apparently her eyes did…

I really like their mum honestly. She was super quiet but visibly supportive, a nice contrast to Papa Worst Ideas In The Universe.

Honestly I think she was the one who kept both girls sane during this horrible time in their lives

when u ain’t busy I better b seein those paragraphs (:

OKAY *cracks knuckles*

- Now the thing is, it’s probably due to the RPs I’ve done and also considering how passive the Queen (Idunn? IDK I’m just gonna call her the Queen for this.) in these scenes, I would like to think that she’s thinking about everything that’s happened so far. We got the King running his mouth and making hasty decisions, but as this scene shows (and later when she reacts -very- distressed over Elsa exclaiming that she doesn’t want either of them touching her) she is obviously concerned over Elsa almost more so than the King. (let’s also not forget that she was the one who scooped up Anna after the accident as opposed to Mr. King who started off accusing Elsa of what had happened)

-My speculation was, considering that the King was probably busy ruling over the country, the Queen spent most of her time with her daughters in the best way she could manage, of course, this would obviously be taxing for her, but it would be compelling to see this I admit. While “Do you want to build a Snowman” depicts both children as being alone, let us remember that a 3 minute song can’t accurately depict what happens in every day of 15 years. Perhaps the Queen acted as a relay between the children; giving both of them hope that they would be able to see one another again- a great difference from the whole “conceal don’t feel” crap, but sadly negative influences more often than not win out over positive words.

Since Anna and Elsa lived without their parents for 3 years, whatever threads their mother had managed to keep woven between the two of them were probably breaking- up until the coronation where the threads snap and Anna finally has her confrontation with Elsa

TL:DR- I think the Queen tried to at least alleviate the stress of the seclusion of her daughter even though there isn’t any proof but hey if people can devote pages and pages defending and excusing Hans I can at least provide the same for this sadly overlooked character who was full of potential

doesn’t help that she’s voiced by jennifer lee and that woulda been hilariously awesome if she was actually a main character 


and fuck Hans we need to talk about the goddamn queen!

I’m sorry but I disagree with all this. Yes, the queen did alleviate the Elsa’s distress here. It is clearly evident in this gif where she looks up to give the traumatized Elsa a small smile. It’s as if she’s saying “Anna’s alright, you’ll be alright, we’ll be alright. Things’ll work out fine, honey.”

BUT she definitely did not do so for the relationship between the sisters. If she did, Anna wouldn’t have worked less harder and harder knocking on Elsa’s door. Even before she and Papa Arendelle died, you could see Anna’s efforts on knocking on Elsa’s door fading. The light that shone on the door and Anna in every time she knocked on the door got smaller and smaller. Just like Anna’s faith in her sister, even before the funeral, before their death.

If the Queen have tried, our optimistic-as-hell Anna wouldn’t have given up or lost hope so easily. She’s so hopeful that the moment she realized why Elsa had been shutting her out, she was immediately confident again that she could solve all this, their relationship, and the snow. Anna is THAT optimistic. There is no way she would’ve given up if her mom constantly reminded her that “No, Elsa loves you, just give Elsa time.” If the Queen did try to do so, Anna at the age of 15 wouldn’t have just stared at the door, not knock, and just walk away. There are countless ways of helping these 2 girls communicate, she could literally be the messenger, pass letters between the 2 girls, have meals together but sit far away from each other or something. But none of that happened. And I’m not saying that because it did not appear in the 3mins song. It’s because if they did, their relationship definitely wouldn’t be as tragic. Our optimistic-as-fuck Anna would not have let it fall to this point if she was constantly given hope for the first 10 years. If given the opportunity to communicate using their mother as a relay, Anna would’ve known Elsa didn’t hate her. Elsa wouldn’t have to tell Anna to “Go away,” she could’ve just say she couldn’t play or something and write a message.

TLDR1: Mama Arendelle definitely didn’t help during the first 10 years of isolation/separation of the two girls.

But I thank you for pointing out how the King made very hasty decisions here (just like everyone agree). I’m just rambling from here on, so if you want to read, go ahead. If not, scroll on.

I think the King isn’t given enough credit sometimes. He’s the king, he rules the country, he has loads to worry about. His wife, his daughter with snow, his daughter that just got hurt. So I’d just like to think that he’s just the sort of person that easily got anxious. Why? Another point to note, as soon as he opened the doors to see his two daughters on the floor, he said “Elsa, what have you done?” Badly phrased question, but we all know what he meant, “What did both of you do?” He knows both of his daughters are mischievous, which was why he wasn’t surprised they were playing with snow again. But he was surprised by Anna laying on Elsa’s laps, but Anna’s unconscious to ask, hence the question.

And because of all these on his mind, he was unable to make the right decision at that point of time. The King was just as worried about Elsa as the Queen was. When he made the decision to shut everyone out, he was worried for Elsa. He knew Elsa would be scared of hurting anyone else with her powers. Which seemed like a good idea at that point of time because he was just as worried for Elsa as for his people. And then he added on “even Anna.” because he was afraid for Anna.

And if you noticed in the song later on, he told Elsa “getting upset will only make it worse.” At that point, I think he realized then that it was a mistake to have locked Elsa in. He tried to approach her, touch her, share the love. But it was already too late, Elsa’s already developed more of the mindset he had. A chip of the old block. They both get anxious easily. So Elsa didn’t listen to him.

Another point, when Elsa asked “Do you have to go?” when he and his wife had to leave for god-knows-what, he smiled and encouraged her to be more confident, “You’ll be fine,” he said. At that point he probably already stopped trying to lock Elsa in, maybe he had already been trying to get her daughter out.

But wait, if so, why would Anna sing about the doors and windows never opening up? If you were locked up for 10 years in your room, I don’t think you’d like to be immediately exposed to an entire population of people. Same goes for Elsa, the king probably thought it would be safer for Elsa to build up confidence with just that small number of staff and her family, but Elsa was too afraid, too stubborn, and never left her room despite the king’s encouragement.

Ok, if you’ve read it to the end, thank you very much.


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i think there is no greater dark magic than the cha-cha slide

you will never get a group of people obeying every command so quickly as you will by putting on that song.

every previous conversation grinds to a halt as everyone goes to the left and then takes it back now y’all

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so i feel like i should tell you guys that i’ve found the formula for a perfect and incontrovertible insult:



you perfectly rectangular shitbowl!
you obscenely lamentable assbasket!
you fantastically nauseating dicksoiree!

go forth and blaspheme

I am laughing so hard.

Suddenly everything is beautiful.

wanting to draw to improve, but suffering from artist block.

So a bit back I think I said something about giving up on Breakout Kings? Well I’m back to watching it and I do like it. Lloyd still works a fine nerve, but overall everything is good.



Uprising character designs by Robert Valley. Interesting to see how the designs changed.

Infinite desire to put them randomly together in reaction shots like so:



I started watching TRON: Uprising yesterday, and I have to say its a really cool cartoon. The art style is really unique. It reminds my of Æon Flux in a way, but with some TRON features. The combat choreography is also very beautiful and well done. I’m very much looking forward to this show continuing.


I love this style so much, the sharpness and graytones against those gorgeous backgrounds make this show so unique artistically. I want to squish it all against my face.

Except for Tessler. He just looks ridiculous.







Daughter finally stands up to her Dad.

The wife laughing in the background is fucking adorable fjlsdbfjkadsfadsfas

this is my favorite vid


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